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Traces of A Lost Kingdom

Tamarind Village

In the heart of the old city on Ratchadamnoen Road, an art exhibit called the “Traces of a Lost Kingdom” is solely advertised with two poster sized sign boards flanking the entryway to a long corridor, Tamarind Village Hotel.

Tamarind Village

Once inside, you will have the opportunity to explore a beautiful display of art from northern Thai history, preserved inside the grounds of one of the most charming and stunning hotels in the city. The relatively small space allocated for the presentation creates a more intimate atmosphere, especially due to the negligible number of people ambling about. This exhibition is on display free of charge daily from 9am to 8pm until February 28th of 2018.

Tamarind Village Tamarind Village

It features an art piece on every successive pillar leading all the way into the hotel, alongside mini descriptions of the date, history, meaning, and artist to accompany each magnificent mural. The pieces are all basically uniform in size, mounted at head height for the average adult.

Tamarind Village

Some scenes don’t have the most virtuous depictions, but I would still consider it appropriate and engaging for all ages and backgrounds. These pieces are vibrant screenshots into the past, featuring exciting and lively scenes of both village and regal peoples, brilliant pseudo realistic images, and detailed snippets into the daily livelihood occurrences in ancient Thai society.

Tamarind Village

There is also an upstairs portion of the exhibit, inside a single dimly lit room with hanging art pieces. These ripped canvas compositions are arranged around a back-lit black Lord Buddha silhouette holding center spotlight. This exhibit is a great way to see some traditional art pieces and get a taste for the rich historic culture of Northern Thailand. It’s a memorable, worthwhile stop, especially if you’re already in the area.

Written by: Grace Van Kirk

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