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The Grooviest and The Trendiest to Stay

The Grooviest and The Trendiest to Stay

Not every tourist wants to spend tons of money on an expensive hotel for simply resting one’s tired body at night or even after a very long day trip. With so many choices for residence when traveling around the world nowadays (hotels, condos, guesthouses, Air BnB’s, homestays or short term apartment rentals), hostels are STILL the most popular choice for tourists. Here, we will provide the grooviest and the trendiest hostels in Chiang Mai for you long-termers to sift through.


Oxotel Hostel

Serving up black and white realness in the hostel world is the Oxotel Hostel, located on Wau Lai Road. This hostel is bringing you straight back to the 1940’s when b&w televisions were the norm and Technicolor a thing of science fiction. Just as the anti colors of black and white are separated, so are the living areas: easily into male, female and private rooms. Though the rooms might seem like the 40’s, each offers quick wi-fi and is decorated so chicly modern. But the selling point for many is its location to CNX airport! Only 2 kilometers, and that sounds great!



The Sculpture Hostel

Art lovers look no further! If you appreciate magnificently painted murals and art, The Sculpture Hostel is what you might be searching for. Every room is especially painted with beautifully mixed colors, and of course, wi-fi streaming throughout. Located on Rajadamnern Road, you will not find a moment to be bored: the heart of the Old City, the home of the world famous Sunday walking street, you will be surrounded with great shopping, stylistic decorations, and amazing food choices! I’ve stayed here JUST for the convenient location.



The Artel Nimman

Without mercy, the next option evokes childhood memories as you slide down to ground level from the second floor of The Artel Nimman, located on Nimmanheamin Road Lane 13. Go on! You know you wanna slide down it and besides, it’s not JUST decoration! The rooms here are quite modern and quiet, yet near many restaurants (i.e. the Japanese restaurant Musashi is my absolute favorite and a stone’s throw away!).





Baan Mek Hostel

Continuing in the Nimman vicinity you will be sure to come across Baan Mek on Lane 15. This Japanese style hostel is very quiet and peaceful; there definitely is a serenity that comes with soft wood making up the walls and floors. You will be comfortable here and again, check out the location! If you choose not to venture too far, not to worry, there is a great café on the first floor.



Chiang Mai Gate Capsule Hostel

Finally, we arrive at the grooviest of hostels to choose from, the Chiang Mai Gate Capsule Hostel, located on Wau Lai Road. There are two types of rooms to pick from: all female dorm or mixed m/f dorm. While most would argue it is the best because it is nearly the cheapest at $4 and very comfortable, I would say it’s great more because transportation is made so easy from this hostel to anywhere in or out of the moat, not to mention too late, the incredible food market in the morning and again in the evening—truly not too be missed wherever you choose to stay!


Overall, if you are looking for a place to rest your weary head in the bustling city of Chiang Mai, be sure to add these special places with great deals to the list when factoring a decision. ¡Que tengas buen viaje! And to use the salutation before taking mushrooms, “Have a good Trip!”



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