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Tea Tree Cafe: Monday Movie Nights

The Tea Tree Vegan Cafe, located off of Ban Mae Kha Noi Kahi Muk Soi 4 near the Chiang Mai Airport, has weekly open air movie nights every Monday at 7 pm. It’s close to the city, but is located in an area that radiates a quiet countryside aura. They put the movie of choice up for a public vote on their Facebook page, and use a makeshift projector screen that covers an entire wall to screen it.

Tea Tree Cafe

A plethora of cushions and small sitting tables are set up on the floor for seating, with a maximum capacity around 50 people. Admission, water and wifi are free of charge, but delicious raw vegan food and desserts are available for purchase from the cafe. Some of the options include homemade noodles, veggie and protein packed bowls, and fresh portabella veggie burgers. The portion sizes are generous and it isn’t too expensive, especially considering the fresh ingredients and complexity of some of the dishes.

Tea Tree Cafe

The wonderful vibes at the Tea Tree Cafe is what is most appreciated. Two walls are open to the outdoors, and it is a wonderful experience listening to the world around while also enjoying a movie. This is truly the perfect way to start a hectic week, surrounded by beautiful  people in a comfortable setting. The few staff members are incredibly sweet and grateful for every purchase, and seem to truly enjoy hosting this event for the public. This movie night is definitely catered towards expats, as they are the only ones in attendance and the movie choices are almost exclusively in English. There is enough space for everyone to lay out and get comfy for the show!

Written by: Grace Van Kirk

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