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Heritage: Our Pasts, Our Legacies


Though the term “world heritage” towns and UNESCO sites are part of our everyday travel lexicon and many desperately want their home towns to be stamped with the approval, do most people know exactly what this means? I think most ...

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Re: Education (Reform & Our Future)

Reform IS Our Future

Chances are that if you have lived in the wonderful Kingdom of Thailand long enough, there are few things you’ve been unable to escape: the awkward and sometimes embarrassing moments of learning a new language, the hiked farang prices you ...

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Mall it Over


When you grow up in a small town, certain coming-of-age rituals elude you, like cruising the mall with your gal pals, checking out cuties at the foodcourt, or pining for overpriced name brand fashions. Surely, tiny towns have their inherent ...

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Clay Arts and Coffee in the Secret Garden

the sticky rice mango

It’s a scorcher today in Chiang Mai, oh wait, that’s everyday this time of year, 555! You’re probably still drip drying from Songkran in post party New Year’s bliss, so where exactly does one go to beat the heat after ...

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Songkran or Song-don’t?

Songkran or Song-don't?

  With Songkran less than a month away, have you decided how you will be celebrating in 2016 (or 2559)? Foreigners have been attracted to this amazing festival/celebration for years–just how others flock to Holi in India or La Tomatina ...

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It’s the Final Crackdown, Again


With the New Year on it’s way, “out with old and in with the new” mentality is all around us. This can be seen in the very big changes and restrictions that are affecting us. US! Non-Thai nationals that have ...

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