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Fin Market at Maya Mall


The Fin Market, set up outside the Maya Mall from the tenth to the sixteenth of September, boasted a smattering of small and unique local vendors from all over Chiang Mai. The booths were primarily revolved around delicious and exotic ...

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The Month of Organics


The month of organics has come upon us! The first organic event reviewed recently took place on 15 May 2015, at the local JJ Market (Jing Jai Market) in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Along with the onslaught of organic shops to ...

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Business on street

Does anybody want a doll? :)

Thailand is a land of street vendor. Everywhere you go in this city, you will notice a lot of mobile shops, either a trailer motorcycle or a push cart. Why there are so many of them? The concept of vendor ...

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Winter: a season we long for


Many people expect cold weather when they visit the north of Thailand in winter. Well, let’s make a clear definition that what it’s called ‘winter’ here should be called ‘summer’ in many western countries. The temperature in winter here goes ...

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Boribun Market Chiang Mai

Boribun Market6

Boribun Market is located on Chotana Road, like other markets in Chiang Mai. This small market offers wide range of fresh food and cooked take-away food. However, you may find a difficulties on parking.

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Somphet Market

Talat Somphet3

The Somphet Market is situated in the old city of Chiang Mai, presenting fresh nutritions, meats, fruits and even exotic items. This market is a fine place to stop for a walking tour. This day market sells Thai feast, for ...

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Waroros Market (Kad Luang Market)

Waroros Market, the centre of Thai shopping in Chiang Mai

Wororos Market – aka Kad Luang is located in the north of Nawarat Bridge and the west side of Ping River. This fascinating indoor and outdoor market locates local shops, fresh food, cooked food, souvenirs which are in well priced ...

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Ton Payom Market


Close to Nimmanhaemin Road and Chiang Mai University, Ton Payom Market provides a lot of local food, fruits, fresh vegetables, cooked food, meats, snacks, ingredients, spices, etc. The market is so lively in the evening time and the night time ...

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Muang Mai Market

Muang Mai Market

 The Muang Mai Market is the main wholesale area for fresh produce in Chiang Mai and for anyone interested in food it is a must visit. Muang Mai market is located to the west of Wang Singkam Road (which runs ...

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