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All You Can Eat


Some people don’t fully understand the point of the “buffet”–believing it to be the type of restaurant that you can gorge on as much as you can fit in your gullet. I disagree wholeheartedly. The buffet was born from the ...

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New GM of Duangtawan Hotel, Chiang Mai


Director of Business Development of Leisure Group pleased to announce the appointment of Miss Warunee  Khammeru the position of General Manager of Duangtawan Hotel. She started her career with this hotel in the position of Executive Assistant Manager in 2011, for ...

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Heritage: Our Pasts, Our Legacies


Though the term “world heritage” towns and UNESCO sites are part of our everyday travel lexicon and many desperately want their home towns to be stamped with the approval, do most people know exactly what this means? I think most ...

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Dinning Around the Globe


Our last dining around the clock brings us to dinner. The end of the day, when families and friends can gather round the table, break bread with one another, and relax with delicious food. It’s around this table that we ...

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Fly with Lao Airlines Chiangmai-Luangprabang


 Fly with Lao Airlines Chiangmai-Luangprabang  Lao Airlines operates new flights connecting from – Bangkok – Luangprabang QV634 : 10.25 -12.25 – Bangkok – Vientiane QV442 : 9.35 – 11.00 QV446 : 20.30 – 21.30 – Chiangmai – Luangprabang Qv636 : ...

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Is your body suffering from ‘PAIN’?


Do you sit at a laptop or desktop computer every day for work? Are you all too familiar with the back pain that often accompanies this work sitting/setting? Of course, you are! It’s called “Office Syndrome”! So what do you ...

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