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Is your body suffering from ‘PAIN’?

Do you sit at a laptop or desktop computer every day for work?

Are you all too familiar with the back pain that often accompanies this work sitting/setting? Of course, you are! It’s called “Office Syndrome”! So what do you do about it? Most will venture a doctor’s visit, which will often come with prescription medicines, creams or injections, and some will even find themselves on an operating table undergoing surgery to correct or alleviate the pain. Luckily, I’ve recently come across a great treatment that not only relieves the pain in your back, but also aids in repairing the damaged bones of your body too.

Chiropractic, a health care professional which focuses on the diagnosis and the treatment of mechanical disorders to the musculoskeletal system (especially the spine), also releases deep stress within your body/ mind, is gaining popularity quickly since many businesses now mainly rely on the communications via the Internet; which as we already know requires endless sitting in sometimes uncomfortable situations. On a break from my office last week, I stumbled on the Myoskeletal Alignment Clinic, home of Chiropractic, and creation of Dr.KC Suttajit, Alternative Medicine. After graduating and practicing in Texas for over 30 years, he returned to Chiang Mai, Thailand, in 2010 and immediately opened his clinic. On a side note, if we broke the words down, Myo is latin for muscle and obviously skeletal is dealing with our skeleton, our bones—we can begin to understand that the doctor will be repairing/aligning our bones and muscles to ease this chronic pain.

Now, why is Chiropractic a better option than immediately signing up for surgery? Dr. KC. Suttajit, Alternative Medicine, focuses primarily on adjusting the body balance, which is better than the other ways because you don’t need to get a surgery or use any chemical, through massage and will definitely not leave patients in jeopardy with the use of hazardous chemicals or risky maneuvers. Not only Office Syndrome treatment but also can help with all the body problems from working, accidents, improved sports performance, better balance, clearer thinking, better resistance to disease and to help ensure drug-free lives as well. The Myoskeletal Alignment Clinic only uses certified equipment and 100% pure essential oils for deep tissue massage and correction. Because the doctor is limited to seeing a maximum of 30 clients per day, you must book prior to ensure a vacancy.

85113After a basic preliminary health and routine questions, the doctor will see you. Starting with your back, the doctor will begin with Swedish massage after that using the adjusting tools by the activator and electric stimulator, to loosen the bones in your back. Trust me, this feels so good! He will continue to the rest of your body, and not forgetting your legs. He explained that when you are sitting for extended periods of time, your bones affect your nerves tremendously causing the pain we have become so familiar with. To put it simply, Chiropractic focuses on keeping the bones in place and away from our nerves with the help of muscle massaging and bone alignment and corrections, which in turn eliminates our pain.

85114Does “Office Syndrome” plague you at the end of each workday, at the end of a hard week? Make an appointment at Chiropractic soon and check out this phenomenal proven method to alleviate your pain. See for your self, how so many patients will enter the clinic with pain and depression, and leave with renewed happiness and a skip in their pain-free step! What are you waiting for? It’d make me happy to see you happy and free of that debilitating pain we all know too well. Que tengas surete a todos!
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  1. Sounds good, but what was the cost for the treatment you had? Thanks!

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