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New Year’s Resolutions 2018

Gearing up for the Festive Season, we wondered what our community here in Chiang Mai is looking forward to in 2018. Grace van Kirk is an American study abroad student who has been studying at CMU for the past semester and interning for Open Chiang Mai. Here are some of the New Years Resolutions that she came across. We hope this will inspire some of your own 2018 Resolutions!


Chakarin Moray

[Left] Chakarin: Local Temple Boy, 15 years old

Chakarin doesn’t know what his plans for the future are, and is living in the monastery without many intentions of leaving soon. He hopes to do well in school and possibly go to university when he’s older.

[Right] Moray: high school student, 15 years old

Moray wanted to focus on making her family happy in the upcoming year. She also had big hopes to go to a university in a different country, such as New Zealand, where she lived for 9 years. She said that she would definitely attend university either way, but she dreamed of living abroad.


John Ashley

[Left] John: English Expat in Chiang Mai, 63 years old

John has been in Thailand for 5 years living as a very happy retired man. His hopes for the new year are to try to give up smoking and focus on a better health regime. Hopefully his healthy Buddhist surroundings will motivate and inspire his decision and process.

[Right] Ashley: US Visitor, 27 years old

Ashley wants to be better about budgeting and being financially responsible in the new year. She is also excited about planning for her upcoming wedding with her partner.


Taylor Chanicha

[Left] Taylor: US Teacher in Thailand, 21 years old

Taylor has been in Thailand for 3 months working as an English teacher. His goals for the new year are to eat healthier, focusing on a more balanced diet and watching what he puts into his body. He wants to eat less American and foreign food, and attempt to mimic the Thai diet.

[Right] Chanicha: Thai Visitor from Udon Thani Province, Thailand, 33 years old

Chanicha was a visitor from a nearby town in Thailand, visiting Chiang Mai briefly during her break. For her upcoming year she hoped to strengthen her practice, continuing to pray and go to temples often. She wanted to become a more consistent Buddhist through everyday meditation and temple visits.


Mr. Pirate                                              Pirate: Local Shop Owner, 41 years old

Mr. Pirate, as he likes to call himself, is a local shop owner near the Chiang Mai University campus. In the new year he hopes to be able to work with his wife more and save up money to send his children to university. He also wants to be able to buy a house for his family. For his shop he is hoping to advertise more so as to get more business.


Wim Thinnakern

[Left] Wim: Visitor from Belgium, 32 years old

Wim had been in Thailand for only 2 days and was having a short visit to Thailand. He was intent on quitting smoking over the course of the next year. He also wanted to do more sports to better his physical health, while also travelling more and focusing on finding himself. His new year’s resolutions were geared towards making himself the best person he could be.

[Right] Thinnakorn: Chiang Mai Tourist Policeman, 26 years old

Thinnakern hopes to be the best policeman he can be, and continue helping tourists that come to the country. He felt very proud of the work he was doing, and hoped to inspire others to give back to the community. One day, perhaps when he’s around thirty, he wants to have a family with a wife that he loves.


Uli Trevor

[Left] Uli: German Expat in Chiang Mai, 56 years old

Uli has been in Thailand for 9 years and hopes to always be in the present moment and living with mindfulness. She hasn’t thought ahead as to what her resolutions are because she is happy with her current situation, and doesn’t like to dwell on the past or look to the future often.

[Right] Trevor: English Expat in Chiang Mai, 73 years old

Trevor has been living in Thailand for over 7 years, and has retired here as a means of peaceful solitude. His plans for the new year are to keep breathing and enjoy life in this magnificent country.


Sophie Aom

[Left] Sophie: Visitor from England, 25 years old

Sophie hopes to continue to travel around new places in the upcoming year. She wants to experience new cultures, people, and mindsets while continuing to push herself to try new things along the way.

[Right] Aom: Local Security Guard

Aom works for Uniloft, which is a student housing off of the Chiang Mai University campus. She hopes to continue working there with the American exchange students for the upcoming year. She also wants to visit Doi Inthanon and the beautiful pagodas in the park. Her main resolution was to see her son more often.


Adriana Jiemin

[Left] Adriana: Visitor from Slovakia, 31 years old

Adriana has been in Thailand for two weeks with her boyfriend. She hopes to continue having a strong relationship with her boyfriend, and possibly do more cooking for the two of them. She also wants to buy gifts for family and friends back home while they’re abroad during the holiday season.

[Right] Jiemin: Chinese Expat in Chiang Mai, 64 years old

Jiemin has been in Thailand for 4 months but has lived here for extended periods of time throughout her life. Her goals for the future are to spend more time with her family, especially her aging parents. She also wants to focus on herself more, spending more time on mental and physical health and less on work related activities.


Happy holidays and good luck on your own New Year’s Resolutions!


Written by: Grace Van Kirk

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