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More Organic , More Healthy and Much More Refreshing

If you have been following along, today we will pick up where we last left off on, our feel good theme of the month: Organics. Beginning on 15 May 2016, at the local JJ Market (Jing Jai Market), we’ve taken you through a tour of what the event looks like with creative cooking activities and demos that invite the crowd to specifically taste test for the prized, ‘real’ organic food, how to clean and prep organic vegetables prior to cooking, and beg the question “What exactly ARE pure organics?”

This week’s delicacies were brought to you by Khun Joa from Meena Rice Base Cuisine. The chef of the hour’s spotlighted demos began with a rice salad with herbs such as lemon grass, lime, chili and rice. Highlighting this easy recipe, you cannot beat this extremely tasty, fresh and organic greatness. Khun Jao was given reprieve from the Guest of Honor from last week, Chef Black, aka Mr. Panupon Bulsuwan, which led the discussion of organics with three other knowledgeable peers of the organic arena. The discussion paved the way for the unforgettable speech from Mr. Anuwat Churyen saying, “We don’t have the food sovereignty which begs to question the food we consume everyday” because we have no choice and can’t be sure about the food we eat everyday.


Last but not least was the informative demonstration of cleaning and washing our organic vegetable before we set out to cook them by using the EM water revitalization (Effective Microorganisms water revitalization). Again, if you are at all interested in this organic smorgasbord of an event at JJ Market, this is the last week to join in the fun. Same as before during 8.30-11.00 am, we will be taking a closer look at Organic Café, Coffee Healthy and Bread, plus an informative discussion on “How to plant organic coffee and alternative coffee” which will also be nicely paired with a tasty free cupping from Wawee Coffee for the first 20 people that join the event! Yum! Even more to feast your eyes upon, will be the Latte Art show from Ristr8to and Omnia. Hope to see you guys there and I’m sure we’ll enjoy this last organic event—for now!—together! Cheers.




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