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Love Lifts Us Where We Belong


“Love is a-many, splendid thing, love lifts us where we belong—All you need is Love” (Moulin Rouge) comes immediately to mind when I think of what love entails. But before it is really, really love it’s more than just that first date or the first awkward, but wonderful night together. It’s more than holding hands while walking along as the beach disappears under your steps. And it should be more than just the money, mon-eyyyy, mon-eyyyy—or the social status for that matter—but about learning about the other person in the relationship. Accepting strengths as well as weaknesses is also part of that recipe for the much sought after LTR. People also hold high good old fashion trust and understanding.




CHORMUANG, the organizing company for wedding planning in Chiang Mai, has had an enormous amount of client-couples all year long because they focus on the most important thing when it comes to your special day: what YOU want them to! It is well known that Thailand is a tropical country and pretty normal for companies to focus on indoor only weddings, but this company works wonders outside as well! No need to worry about the food and the flowers owing to the fact that the company handles everything, including the dressing room, private room, the engagement ceremony and wedding rehearsal photos! CHORMUANG will not only recreate the Lanna Wedding style of your dreams, but will blend whichever requests you fancy, seeing as how they excel in blending cultures and traditions of both bride and groom, creating a truly phenomenal and extra special wedding.




Tuktik (Niphapon Viengnak), the owner of CHORMUANG, handles all the wedding plans and catering by herself and her incredible staffs. Before her company did’t have a place for a wedding but now she also has, Chormuang Na Baan Rai Suen Jaikaew, the beautiful Lanna style big house with the big garden all around for any wedding party or catering, This place can contain 130 people inside for upstair 50-60 people, 130 people for basement and outside for about 300 people plus the parking for wedding guests. I recently got a chance to talk with her and she cares deeply about the perfect way to adapt the bride and groom’s desires. She executes the sometimes ambitious tasks, without a hitch, to the delight of the recently “hitched” duo.





If you or your partner has popped the question and there is wedding in your foreseeable future, make an appointment today and get CHORMUANG’s consultation during 10.00-19.00 (with the exception of Tuesday). Make sure you plan ahead, plan early. You will remember this day for years to come, and you’ll be sure that your beloved guest will also be grateful to have shared it with you too! And lastly, don’t forget to love yourself first because “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?!” –RuPaul




Chormuang Outside Catering @ Wedding Planner

Office / Studio : 402 Moo 4, T. Nongpueng, A. Sarapee , Chiangmai, Thailand 50140

Mobile .053-325390

E-Mail : Sales@chormuang.com

Website : www.Chormuang.com

Facebook : facebook.com/chormuangweddingplanne





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