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Guide to living in Chiang Mai Thailand, Just take it easy, when you come to Chiang Mai. Many foreigners decide to live or construct the new home here. Openchiangmai.com always tries to tell many stories and experiences about the lives of foreigners and how they have managed to stay in peace and harmony in here.



The currency of Thailand is ‘Baht.’ The Thai notes present different value, as following: Grey note = 1,000 baht, Purple note = 500 baht, Red note = 100 baht, Blue note = 50 baht and Green note = 20 baht. Coins are also represented including one ...

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Driving and Regulations

taxi around Chiang Mai

The regulations of driving in Thailand is requiring you to understand. All vehicles are allowed to drive on the left-hand traffic, keep your vehicles on the left side of the road. If you ride a motorcycle, helmet is a must ...

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Dim Sum Buffet at Royal Princess Hotel

Dim Sum Buffet at Royal Princess

Don’t miss the new experience at Jasmine Restaurant, a Chinese restaurant situated in Royal Princess Hotel Chiang Mai. Having been well-known for over 28 years in Chiang Mai, the restaurant is newly renovated with colourful contemporary decoration and spacious and ...

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Chiang Mai Overview


Chiang Mai is an old city, founded as the capital of the kingdom of Lanna in 1296 by King Meng Rai. From then, Chiang Mai, the second largest city of Thailand, not only became the capital and cultural core of ...

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3-Baht Noodle, cheaper of the cheaper

3-Baht Noodle

On the weekday end, we (openchiangmai.com’s team) had lunch together at 3-baht noodle nearby Wat Gate. Actually, we cannot feed ourselves with 1 noodle each, we took 6 noodles each on average excluding 40 sticks of small grilled pork (Moo ...

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