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  • Festival for Lost Spirits-Luang Phabang

    believed in spirits–many spirits. After people died, their souls remained, some good and some bad. For example the good ones are the ancestors’ spirits that protect family members from any harm, house spirit are the one who protect the family home, and forest spirits take care of the woods and surrounding natural habitats.

  • Happiness Depends on a Superb Breakfast

    As we all know by now, every café/restaurant/stall/#yougetheidea/etc. shop boasts the best breakfast but are they cracked up to their advertising?

  • Love Lifts Us Where We Belong

    Accepting strengths as well as weaknesses is also part of that recipe for the much sought after LTR. People also hold high good old fashion trust and understanding.

  • A Gourmand’s List of Luang Prabang (Part 1)

    Recommended gourmand's list of Luang Prabang that you should never miss.

  • Dinning Around the Globe

    Our last dining around the clock brings us to dinner. The end of the day, when families and friends can gather round the table, break bread with one another, and relax with delicious food. It’s around this table that we can wholly be ourselves, sharing the day’s moments, and ultimately recharge us to do it all again the next day! Dinnertime is significant for these reasons and today I’ll share some of my favorites!

Guide to living in Chiang Mai Thailand, Just take it easy, when you come to Chiang Mai. Many foreigners decide to live or construct the new home here. Openchiangmai.com always tries to tell many stories and experiences about the lives of foreigners and how they have managed to stay in peace and harmony in here.

Walai House Boutique Guesthouse

Walai House

The great and cozy guesthouse in the heart of the city (Santitham area) surrounded by many massage school and the famous shopping mall (Kad Suan Kaew). With 19 lovely room included massage room, pantry, DVD rental service and also provide ...

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Rachamankha Hotel

rachamankha hotel

Perfectly located in the center of the old moated city of Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, Rachamankha is just one minute’s stroll to the old city’s most important and impressive temple, Wat Phra Singh; just 2 minutes stroll to the city’s ...

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Yee Peng Sansai Floating Lantern Ceremony

Floating Lantern

Year 2010 Lanna Katina Robe Offering & Yee Peng Sansai Floating Lantern Ceremony to Pay Homage to the Lord Buddha As a part of the community, Lanna Dhutanka intends to show social responsibility and environment awareness by creating a good ...

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Chiang Mai Gate

chiang mai gate

Chiang Mai Gate ,€“ Formerly, it used to be a route to Lamphun, a town south of Chiang Mai. The gate was restored in the reign of King Kawila in about B.E. 2344 and then reconstructed during B.E. 2509-2512.

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Wat Tha Jum Pee

Wat Tha Jum Pee

Wat Tha Jum Pee is one in a million years old Nasang when the evidence does not show any clear But the temple is located at Ban Tha remember a very long time. Luang Pu Kruba before you fortunate to ...

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