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Guide to living in Chiang Mai Thailand, Just take it easy, when you come to Chiang Mai. Many foreigners decide to live or construct the new home here. Openchiangmai.com always tries to tell many stories and experiences about the lives of foreigners and how they have managed to stay in peace and harmony in here.

Major Cineplex – Now Showing (21st May 2015 – 27th May 2015)


ALL DIGITAL CINEMAS: 1. Tomorrowland 2. Unfriended 3. ป้าแฮปปี้ SHE ท่าเยอะ 4. A Little Chaos 5. Song of the Sea 6. Mad Max 7. Pitch Perfect 2 8. ผีห่าอโยธยา *************************************************************** Major Cineplex, Central Plaza Chiang Mai Airport: 1. Tomorrowland 2. ...

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