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Janrawee House Detox and Spa

Janrawee House specialise in Detoxifying treatments, which involve Colonic Detoxification and Detoxifying Massage.

Colonic Detoxification is a safe and painless procedure which involves various types of liquid being inserted into the rectum in order to cleanse the colon. Such liquids can be either purified water, natural herbs or organic coffee. The perceived benefit of carrying out a colonic is that it helps to remove and dislodge hardened matter and toxins, that, if not removed from the walls of the colon, may lead to health problems such as;

Constipation Rashes, Headaches and Nausea Flatulence Stomach Ache Vomiting and more serious diseases such as Colon and Liver Cancer. Other Benefits are that it helps to cleanse the colon as well as stimulate other points in the body.

After carrying out the colonic at Janrawee house you are then treated to a detoxify massage that involves the massage of the lymphatic points as well as combining Swedish and Aromatherapy massage, so as to completely detoxify the colon.

DETOX helps clean release toxins and fecal matters
out of our body.

Telephone: 053285088, 0839490841
Fax: 053212441

Janrawee House 157-157/10 Chiangmai – Hod Rd. Chiangmai Thailand 50100


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