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Happiness Depends on a Superb Breakfast

Knowing that breakfast is (supposedly) the most important meal of the day, how many times have you left the house without something yummy—hell, anything!—on the way to work? Breakfast is the easiest meal to miss for equally important things: the first moment your alarm goes off and you snooze (good-bye breakfast eggs), the second-third-fourth time you hit that damn button and the shots are fired. Even a long shower nixes the smoothie of the morn. But skipping brekky is dangerous ground for the day, not to mention dieters. Breakfast improves memory, fights the needed war against diabetes and weight control, aids in brain development, and so much more. Breakfast skippers aren’t helping anything. Better yet…Let’s skip our way TO breakfast every day!

Happiness Depends on a Superb Breakfast

Happiness Depends on a Superb Breakfast

As we all know by now, every café/restaurant/stall/#yougetheidea/etc. shop boasts the best breakfast but are they cracked up to their advertising? Since fully planting my roots in Chiang Mai, I’ve been to many—and I mean many—breakfast/brunch/morning take-aways and I have found amazing places that fulfill my energy needs for the day as well as ‘hit that brekky spot’! I will share my favorites with you, for the next time you had a rough night or need to start your day right!

Breakfast World

Breakfast World is located at Moonmuang Rd. Lane 2 and this place has everything!! American, German, and French. I went with a dear friend and we both ordered the “Sunday Breakfast” which is served EVERYDAY! Sunday Brekky on a Tuesday? Count me in! Served with generous cold cut portions of salami, parma, ham, and even salmon, accompanied by slices of cheese and medium-boiled egg, and of course, bread and cream cheese. The combination of the tender cold cuts, cheese, egg, and cream cheese is almost indescribable, but since this is a family place, we’ll leave it at tastiness in my mouth. We also ordered “2 Chorizos w/ Fried Eggs and Fried Potato”. Between the herb-ed sausage tenderness and perfectly salted potatoes and easy eggs, my Mexican friend is still salivating!


Rustic and Blue


The most popular place for foreigners on Nimmanheamin Road is Rustic and Blue. The fantastic atmosphere and wonderful food is the soul of this restaurant! Having been before, I thought it a good idea to refresh my thoughts on R&B and was surprised with a new menu (BETTER!). I ordered the Fried Chicken Waffle, at first I thought it sounded a weird combination but when the first bite is bit, it works wondrous delights! Crispy, boneless, fried chicken with warm waffle shelter is the Heirdest and greatest dish to start your day.

Hide Away


Hide Away is a very cozy joint in Amornivet Villager that provides a mixed menu of Thai, Italian, and Mexican. The first dish to regularly fill my tummy is the Eggs Benedict served with Fried Potatoes. If you haven’t gotten the point yet, I need to start every day with eggs and potato. The bacon is crispy and not really like Thai bacon, that is generally full of fat. Second dish to enjoy is the Strawberry and Blueberry Pancake. This pancake is so soft and only sweet enough; but paired with the strawberries or blueberries, you’ll feel fresh and full of energy for the entire day!
Open time
Monday – Saturday : 8.00 – 18.00 
Sunday : 9.00 – 14.00

The House

ANN - Classic Eggs Benedict With Smoked Salmon

If you have walked or driven over the moat, you might have seen the beautiful restaurant named The House, located at the same place as Ginger. Not only with this amazing food get you going for your entire day, but the calm setting will set your mind too! Feed the belly and relax the brain. While dining in this garden, be sure to check out the Chile Crab Eggs Benedict Cake served with sesame spinach, yutzu hollandaise sauce and chargrilled pineapple! But if your feeling plain-Jane on Mondays you must go for the Classic Eggs Benedict on a whole-wheat muffin with smoked salmon, sautéed potatoes and grilled asparagus. Either way you choose will be a win. I mean a WIN! Again, great food and beautiful atmosphere—this place has got the full package.
ANN - Crab Cake Eggs Benedict

Now, do you still wanna skip breakfast? I know after you guys read this article, you wouldn’t and go straight to the restaurants. Everyone deserves to have the best food to start the day too!!! So, don’t forget to fill your tummy before your day starts! Search not only for great food, but great atmospheres and even better vibe (they’re there)! Don’t let bad breakfasts ruin your day. Breakfast is an excellent occasion to eat together as a family whenever possible, so don’t let it go and remember that! As Robert A. Heinlein said, “ One should not attend, even the end of the world, without a good BREAKFAST!”


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