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Good Vibes CNX Cafe Review

Good Vibes CNX

There may be countless cafes in Chiang Mai, but we all know the struggle of finding that perfect table to really be productive.

Too often I find myself walking into a café feeling ready to conquer the day’s work (after some coffee, of course), only to find low-set tables, loud music, or chatty visitors. Now I may sound particular, but I know what it takes to get my work done and Good Vibes CNX definitely delivers!

First off, my favorite thing about this café is their signature Rose Latte – deliciously smooth, sweet, and with a faint rose flavor, topped with adorable dried rose buds to capture that trendy Instagram picture.

Another fun drink on offer is “Kaffe on the Rock” – ice cubes made of coffee and a small bottle of warm milk to create your own iced-coffee mixture. A small food menu is also available so that you can refuel and carry on without interrupting your workflow.

The large indoor area is essentially divided into three zones with varying types of seating arrangements. With good-sized tables, free plugs for charging, a comfortable temperature, and upbeat but quiet music, the indoor area is a nice change of pace from the busy city cafes.

If you start to get a little stir-crazy, move your work outside for some fresh air and inspiration in the large garden. There are two raised patio areas, along with various tables in shaded overhangs.

The environment here is very cozy, open, and bright – truly Good Vibes!

Hours: Open 9:00am – 6:00pm, Closed on Wednesdays

Price Range: 70-150 THB

Parking: Open lot, off street

Food: Thai, Spaghetti, french fries, cakes/desserts, etc

Drinks: Coffee, tea, sodas

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