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Fin Market at Maya Mall

The Fin Market, set up outside the Maya Mall from the tenth to the sixteenth of September, boasted a smattering of small and unique local vendors from all over Chiang Mai. The booths were primarily revolved around delicious and exotic looking foods and typical Thai desserts. This included pancakes, artfully designed to mimic your face, waffles filled with cheese, ice cream with dry ice to create fun effects, and the colorfully packaged brownies and granola. The granola was especially appealing due to it’s organic ingredients, magnitude of options, and affordable prices.

Fin Market Granola

Alongside food stands, the market displayed jewelry and clothing booths. For the most part the food was reasonably priced; however, unlike markets such as the night bazzar, the clothing was a little pricier as most of it is hand-made locally. To enhance the ambience further, set up right beside the Maya fountain was a stage featuring live local artists. The overall atmosphere was extremely laid back. Vendors didn’t haggle with prices and it wasn’t hectic in any sense.

Fin Market WafflesFin Market Brownies

Chiang Mai University students were the mass of the crowd, mostly going straight to the ice cream. The waffles came in a close second in popularity. With a prime location and an array of fun new food options, the Fin Market was a great place to stop by for an afternoon treat. It had options for meat lovers and vegetarians alike, catering to expats, Chiang Mai residents, and anyone wanting a change of pace.

Author: Grace Van Kirk

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