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Inter Fabric Chiang Mai

Fabric Shop Chiang Mai at Lao Jow Lane

I love making handmade stuffs. It’s my favourite hobby. I can make simple bags, stuffed dolls and needle felting but I’m too lazy for knitting, quilting or cross stitching. Sewing is probably the best job I can do.

Chiang Mai Fabric

For people who love sewing (or other kind of handmade hobby), Kad Luang or Waroros Market is our landmark. Here you can find almost every kindof fabric; cotton, chiffon, linen, denim as well as many other knickknacks, accessories, tools and equipments. To simply say it if you want to start making one handmade item, all suppliers are here.

Lao Jow Lane

Start with cloth, my favourite shop is Inter Fabric (อินเตอร์เฟบริค) on Wichayanon road. The shop is close to Worarat Shopping Center. I love this shop because they have many kinds of fabric. I prefer using cotton with my stuffs because my sewing machine is for home-use only and it cannot work well with thick cloth. This shop has a lot of cotton cloth – plain colour, flowery, checked, stripe or polka dot (my fav). Some are imported from Japan and Korea. There is also a high quality cloth for drapery. Fake furry cloth or felt are available in many colours. I bought many colours to make stuffed dolls. If you want to find some refined fabric for tailoring, Inter Fabric has many choices of fabric type and colours. Apart from this shop, there are also many other fabric shops. Another recommended one is on the opposite called Joe Fabric (โจเฟบริค) which also houses many types of fabric in the similar price. You may have to hop around many shops to find cloth you prefer because goods and prices are slightly different at each shop.

Fahsai Center at Lao Jow Lane

Opposite to Inter Fabric, you can see Chiang Mai Fahsai Center (เชียงใหม่ฟ้าใสเซนเตอร์). This shop has everything you need for handmade stuffs. Actually the shop is best known in the name Chiang Mai Plastic (เชียงใหม่พลาสติค). If you are lost, just say the name and everybody can tell you where it is. The shop hosts everything including stationary, gift wrapping paper, artificial flowers, all kind of plastic bag, paper bag, kitchenware and utensils, almost every kind of plastic container, and etc. I guess people who are about to open a new shop do not need to go elsewhere. You can even find clothes rack, clothing dummy, and hangers — everything you need for running a shop. As well there is a handmade corner selling myriad stuffs such as knitting wool, needles, thread, zipper, button, pin, elastic, and much much more. Lots of colorful beads and fake crystal, ribbons and a heap of accessories. This is a must-come.

Fabric Shop Chiang Mai

You can walk through the shop to another road and enter Lao Jow Lane (ตรอกเล่าโจ๊ว). A small road which collects all the supplies and equipments for handmade work. There are many more fabric shops along both sides. There is a similar, yet smaller, shop just opposite to gold shop (turn left back to Wichayanon road) called ‘Dok Mai Shop’ (ร้านดอกไม้, noticing vendor selling grilled meatball). I also love this shop because it’s less crowded. If you still fancy the trinkets and accessories or sewing equipments, go straight until you see a Chinese shrine and then turn left into small lane. After that, turn right and walk along the way you will see Kul Shop (ร้านกุล) on your lefthand side. Kul Shop is the expertise in lace, buttons, zippers, and many more sewing stuffs.

There’s still so much to see on Lao Jow Lane. Some fabric shops are selling very cheap cloth and apart from buying things for the DIY there are also many ready-made clothes in very cheap prices sold here. For handmade lover, just one place and it’s finalized.

Text&Photo: Ms. Kitty

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  1. Thank you Ms Kitty I will be arriving in May next year and will be heading to the streets you have mentioned, it is very much appreciated.

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