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Eating ‘Round the Clock: Lunching for Life


Zuppa di Peace

If you’ve been following since the breakfast smorgasbord to be had around Chiang Mai from last week, I implore you to follow me around the clock as I simply continue eating and sharing these great places with you. As you’ll remember from before that breakfast is essential to starting the day out right and even battles disease and illnesses making it known almost universally as the “most important meal of the day”—today I will show just how seriously some countries take the middle child: lunch. In Spain for instance, are Spaniards known for flying by fast food only to rush back to work? Of course not! Instead, they relish in “la siesta”, one of the most famous aspects of Spanish life—that dead period in the late afternoon when life shuts down, so our lunches can sleep. If you find the time and mustn’t rush the clock, take a look and follow me and together we can experience exquisite foods!

Maybe you’ve experienced this same happening that I find myself in too often: you’ve exhausted your choices for restaurants every few weeks. This lull gets boring so I’ve decided to seek out new (not necessarily new-new but new-to-me) restaurants, broaden my horizons as I broaden my palette—hopefully not my belt size! Our first visit will bring us to a favorite to many Italian restaurant, Giogio, located on Chang Klan Rd. This cuisine usually sticks to the basic Italian ingredients, before turning them into the mouthwatering dishes we know and love. Zuppa di Peace—the traditional Italian style seafood soup is more than superb and is perfect for lunch since it isn’t overload heavy, and there might even be room for another dish/dessert or both! The server had to ask me to remain seated because it was so appetizing. This luscious soup is served with only the freshest seafood that is so yummy, even if you are pesca-phobic, it’s not overpowering at all. The next luncheon dish is the Tagliatelle Salsicca Gorgonzola (say that three times fast!). The tagliatelle that is long, flat ribbons and similar in shape to fettuccine, is cooked with Italian sausage, radicchio and a creamy gorgonzola sauce, which is so creamy not sweet but yummy. The fresh pasta and meaty sauce really made me feel like I was eating in a Sicilian friend’s home, so good! They definitely pay attention to preparation and cooking here, that I can fell (and taste).

Tagliatelle Salsicca Gorgonzola

Tagliatelle Salsicca Gorgonzola


Nakara Jardin 

If you have been to Nakara Jardin before, you just might agree that this restaurant has one of the best atmospheres with amazing flavorful foods to boot! Nakara Jardin is just on the side of the Ping River. It’s not just a restaurant with delicious foods, but even boasts an ever popular joint for afternoon tea break, but I’ll save for my half-lunch reviews. The first dish to tease you from your screen is the Onion Soup Gratinee, which is very different from other places that serve this dish. The talented chef at the Jardin puts real baguette in the soup, topped with cheese and then completely baked! Ummmm…yummy, doesn’t even do it justice.


Onion Soup Gratinee

Attention all Truffle-lovers: this next dish should not be missed! I reveal the Cod Crab Bisque Truffle Sauce, which hits your nose before the plate hits the table. The cod is fresh and when eaten with the deep fried mushrooms, the combination of crispy and soft deliver in your mouth! It could take 10 whole pages to express my feelings for this dish and this restaurant, but you will have to check it out, and like always, you be the judge! You will enjoy this freaking lunch!

Cod Crab Bisque Truffle Sauce

Cod Crab Bisque Truffle Sauce

For a great lunch in Chiang Mai on the weekend or when you need it, give these places in Chiang Mai a ‘chew-over’. As you already know, I love to share great, delectable meals, that are in ambient atmospheres with attentive servers; I hope you enjoy it too. Join me as I continue to eat around the clock! Buen provecho!


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