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Dinning Around the Globe

Our last dining around the clock brings us to dinner. The end of the day, when families and friends can gather round the table, break bread with one another, and relax with delicious food. It’s around this table that we can wholly be ourselves, sharing the day’s moments, and ultimately recharge us to do it all again the next day! Dinnertime is significant for these reasons and today I’ll share some of my favorites! 

Though everyone leads busy lives, it is not necessary to dine extravagantly every evening to achieve this communal gathering of family and friends over great eats! I hope to broaden your restaurant repertoire for the future with international restaurants in Chiang Mai offering cuisines such as French, Korean and Japanese. Grab your loved ones and let’s jump in to supper!

Le Crystal Restaurant
The first restaurant is Le Crystal Restaurant that is conveniently located on the bank of the Ping River, and is perfectly suited for various events. This restaurant is not just classic French, but a more contemporary version that serves a different menu dictated by seasons (and seasonal foods). Also, on special for the month of July they are dishing “Pan Fried Skate Wings with Caper Butter Sauce and Saffron Risoni Pasta”. The fish is so juicy at the first bite, served with risoni pasta which is shaped like a large grain of rice; it’s very yummy because the pasta is dry while the fish is super juicy… such a great combination!

Kouen Coffee&Bistro

Specializing in Japanese fusion cuisine, Kouen Coffee & Bistro is so beautifully decorated and made up that you will feel like you’ve just arrived in Japan! The restaurant looks like an old Japanese-style home, a great ambient atmosphere that will ease your mind as you prepare to feast. I ordered the Foie Gras Ramen as recommended. The ramen soup was yummier than I can do justice but to note especially, it was lightly salted and jam packed with flavors mixed together with the sweet and softy—not creamy—making it the best ramen ever. Well paired dish that you must try!

River Terrace at Holiday Inn
The River Terrace can be found in the Holiday Inn Hotel, serving a very memorable buffet from 6.00 pm-late night. I came here often with my good friends and family. It’s the perfect place for fickle eaters because you will have selection such as seafood, pasta, or cold cuts! Even dessert is available after the glorious meal, which is always a bonus! So if there is ever any question or arguing about who wants what for dinner—solve the problem at River Terrace!



Annyeonghaseyo… Of course the next one is Godam, the Korean restaurant that is located at Pa Dad Road. The owners are a cute Korean couple that really make sure you will get real traditional and quality Korean food. I come here very often because of the fantastic food! Today, I will tell you guys about one of my favorites,  “탕수육” {Tangsuyuk (Sweet, sour, and crispy pork)]. It tastes similar to a Thai dish (Sweet, sour, and crispy pork) but Tangsuyuk is added. The addition of sesame oil brings a great aroma, and the pork is so soft and juicy from being cooked with the potatoes, carrots and oils. It is great place when you want to try Asian food that is not too spicy 😀

Da Antonio

Italian food is my ultimate favorite and don’t be surprised if I put an Italian dish in every single meal. The Italian chef of Da Antonio most definitely knows what he is doing and his passion for cooking can clearly be seen in every dish served. The “Lamb shank” is an extremely delicious dish I recommend. The lamb is really luscious and tender, almost melting in your mouth without even chewing. The perfect lamb shank is served with basic mashed potatoes. It works so well together. This is the best menu I ever had in this restaurant!!!!


Cuisine de Garden Rustic Grill and Wine Bar

The last restaurant as we dine around the clock is Cuisine de Garden Rustic Grill and Wine Bar, located at Star Avenue 5 near Sa Muang intersection. The restaurant is decorated in a cozy and rustic style. It’s a great place for relaxing with some good wine and better friends. Not only is the wine superb but the dishes are equally great too. They suggested the Grilled Prawns for me, which were very crispy and whole, perfectly seasoned and everything! Served with fried potatoes cooked just how I love ‘em: crispy on the outside and tender and soft on the insides. If you crave a mind-blowing dinner, please think about this stunning place.


Call your friends and grab your family and check some of these places out this week or weekend and have yourselves a majestic dinner, sharing good stories, great food, and fun times altogether. No need to eat the same dish every day when life has given you tons of choices! Enjoy it when you have the time and enjoy these international faires in your backyard of Chiang Mai!


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