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Clay Studio Coffee in the Garden

Clay Studio Coffee in The Garden

Through what appears to be a gateway to an ancient city, the outdoor seating at Clay Studio Coffee surrounded by clay terracotta sculptures follows perfectly in line with those initial perceptions. There is a significant amount of room to meander through the artwork, and the organization gives off the impression of dining in age-old ruins.

Clay Studio Coffee in The Garden

Unknown to most visitors, this space is also a showroom for Baan Por Liang Muen (บ้านพ่อเลี้ยงหมื่น), a locally produced terracotta shop. Lessons for sculpting and pottery making are available with locals in the garden with prior arrangement. However, you can also buy the sculptures in the garden, though prices can be difficult to find. The overgrown foliage, strewn tiles, uneven cobblestone, and moss covered landscape truly makes for an atmosphere that is very unique and appealing to this little cafe. A small catfish pond and busy birds around the garden create for a lovely atmosphere that blocks out the bustling city.

Clay Studio Coffee in The Garden

Clay Studio Coffee in The Garden

It is tucked away along the southern border of the old city (right before Chiang Mai Gate), off Prapokklao Road Soi 2. The massive brick walls don’t give anything away to the wandering passerby, but if you’re specifically searching it out, it’s an easy find. It is open everyday from 8am-6pm. The little restaurant/cafe connected to the outdoor seating had a selective but diverse menu. Enclosed almost entirely in glass, this little shop was beautifully decorated and inviting. There were Thai dishes, baked goods, caffeinated drinks, and breakfast foods available for purchase.

Clay Studio Coffee in The Garden Clay Studio Coffee in The Garden

Delicious as they were. This is a lovely place to sit and snack or sip on a drink while buckling down to get some work done. It’s also an amazing place to practice photography skills, as almost a third of the customers seemed to be doing during their visit.

Written by: Grace Van Kirk

Photos Credit: Grace and Review Chiang Mai

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