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Here you can watch popular and updated movies from around the world.

Standardised movie theatres in Chiang Mai are very few. However, after new department stores has opened, cinemas in Chiang Mai are now more alternative. We would like to provide you information about movie theatres in Chiang Mai, as followings;
           Major Cineplex is one of the best cinema in Thailand, screening the Box Office and all Hollywood films every week. There are two Major Cineplex movie theatres in Chiang Mai including Central Festival Chiang Mai on the 5th floor and Central Plaza Chiang Mai Airport on the 4th floor.
Contact: 053 999 199 (Central Plaza Chiang Mai Airport)
053 288 852 (Central Festival Chiang Mai)
            SF Cinema City is likewise Major Cineplex, showing films in huge screens and chairs. The theatres is located in Promenada Resort Mall Chiang Mai on the 3rd Floor and the new shopping centre ‘Maya.’
Contact: 053 142 777 (Promenada Resort Mall)
In Movie Theatres: Before the main performance begins the Thai Royal Anthem, or Phleng Sansoen Phra Barami (เพลงสรรเสริญพระบารมี) will be played. As a sign of respect, it is REQUIRED that you stand up and remain silent during the playing of the Thai Royal Anthem. ]
However, if you are cinemaphobia, we do have some video shops for you. 
           Movie Shop on Sriphoum Road (close to Somphet Rice Porridge restaurant) is a movie rental shop, which houses almost every kind of movie. There are mainstream movies like Hollywood hits and new releases. Some of them are still aired in current cinema program. You can either buy or rent but most of new movies are available for sale only.
          A movie shop on Suthep Road, opposite to Ping Payom Hotel is also the movie shop for rent providing classic, awarded or even indie movies. The renters have to be the member by filling in your information and pay for the member cost before completing a rent.

Illuminated Luang Prabang


Illuminated Luang Prabang A Festival of Lights: Boun Ok Pansa 16th-17th October Photo: Dusadeephan Phajee/Sutiluck Plaengsaeng Step back in to the beginning of Buddhist Era, during rainy season, monks and novices were struggling to go out for daily alms giving. As ...

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Thailand’s Druggy Biz


In 1999, two young women were found guilty of drug smuggling in the Land of Smiles and were both given hefty sentences. In the midst of the trials, appeals, and sentencing, one of the girls took the entire blame for ...

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All You Can Eat


Some people don’t fully understand the point of the “buffet”–believing it to be the type of restaurant that you can gorge on as much as you can fit in your gullet. I disagree wholeheartedly. The buffet was born from the ...

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Celebrate Green Season in Muang Pan

Pic. by Dusadeephun Phajee

Green Season in Muang Pan Secluded in high mountainous terrain, the small district of Muang Pan humbly sits among misty valleys just north of Lampang. The lush forests of Chae Son National Park reside in this district, as does the ...

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New GM of Duangtawan Hotel, Chiang Mai


Director of Business Development of Leisure Group pleased to announce the appointment of Miss Warunee  Khammeru the position of General Manager of Duangtawan Hotel. She started her career with this hotel in the position of Executive Assistant Manager in 2011, for ...

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Festival for Lost Spirits-Luang Phabang

Festival for Lost Spirits-Luang Phabang

Boun Khao Padabdin Festival for the Lost Spirits with Lao Airlines. photos by Gun Ketwech ?) believed in spirits–many spirits. After people died,  their souls remained, some good and some bad. For example the good ones are the ancestors’ spirits that ...

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Heritage: Our Pasts, Our Legacies


Though the term “world heritage” towns and UNESCO sites are part of our everyday travel lexicon and many desperately want their home towns to be stamped with the approval, do most people know exactly what this means? I think most ...

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Chinese Tourism Booms

Sundown at Sunday Market

I was walking to the shop last week for my regular goodies, when something appalling happened to my foot. One minute, my sandaled foot was doing what it does every day, when a giant lougie of snot, phlegm, and/or sputum ...

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