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Chiang Mai Bus Terminal

Bus Station Chiang Mai

Bus Station Chiang Mai

“This area consists of Roller Space, discotheque, pub, hotel and shopping centre called ‘Arcade.’ And this is why this bus station is called Arcade Bus Station.”

Situated on Chiang Mai Superhighway Road, these two Chiang Mai Bus Terminal including Chiang Mai Arcade Bus Station and Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 3 has been one of the main station for travellers nationwide, operated by Chiang Mai Municipality Office.

*Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 1 is located on Chotana Road in Changpuek where buses and vans heading to other districts in Chiang Mai.

Bus Station, Bus Station Chiang Mai

Bus Terminal Building

Bus Station, Bus Station Chiang Mai

Bus agencies

Bus Station, Bus Station Chiang Mai

A Bus to Phuket

This third bus terminal of Chiang Mai has been opening for two years. It is very well-organised, clean and modern. Enter the main entrance where tickets are sold. Each ticket office on the right hand side has different travel agencies for example Sombat Tour,  Lignite Tour, Petprasert Tour and more. On the left side, Green Bus Thailand provides tickets from Chiang Mai to various destination such as Chiang Mai – Chaing Rai, Chiang Mai – Tak, Chiang Mai – Nan. Another interesting route is Chiang Mai – Phuket which the VIP bus will leave the terminal at 3 p.m. daily and arrive Phuket Station at 5 p.m. on the next day. On this VIP Bus, it is very comfortable with personal TV and snacks provided, priced 1,990 baht.

Classes of Bus – Por. 2 is the lowest class without attached toilet and food provided. Por.1 is the middle class bus with toilet and food provided and VIP Bus is the most comfortable class with toilet, snacks and food provided.

We are still on the ground floor. Many shops and seats are provided here. The price of the items are more expensive than the outside grocery stores, but it is affordable. Chiang Mai Bus Terminal has 21 platforms in total. Each platforms has a sign to inform the passenger where they are heading to. However, it is unreliable. So, please check with the agency carefully when you buy the tickets.

Bus Station, Bus Station Chiang Mai

Luggage Room

Bus Station, Bus Station Chiang Mai

Waiting area on the second floor

In the back of the station, it belongs to luggage room which cost 20 baht per item, opening from 3 a.m. – 9 p.m. and Toilet also costs three baht each time. Walk up to the second floor to relax in a vast and chilled room with shops and internet cafe is located.

Bus Station, Bus Station Chiang Mai

Tuk-Tuk Centre

Bus Station, Bus Station Chiang Mai

Parking Area 

Around the station, there are many public transportation points. On the left hand side of the station, you can see Tuk-Tuk drivers who are waiting for customer. The starting price is 100 baht. If you go further such as CMU or Chiang Mai Airport, it may cost you to 200 baht. Next to the Tuk-Tuk drivers, the Red Car has different offers for passengers. On the normal route, the car will start here and leave to Waroros Market, Thapae Gate, Chiang Mai Gate, Suandok and finally stops at Changpuek Bus Station. The fare charges you 20 baht per person. However, you will have to wait until the cab is full of passengers. Additionally, if you don’t want to waste your time, you can ask the driver to deliver you to your destination, for example Chiang Mai Airport for 50 baht per person or Chiang Mai University for 50 baht per person. Need a tour guide? The red cab can be your tour guide, charging at least 300 baht a day. For the most convenience, taking a Chiang Mai Taxi is another alternative choice. The starting price is 150 baht. Sending you to at your door can cause you more than 300 baht.


  • You can park at the Chiang Mai Bus Station parking. The price is 10 baht a day for motorcycle and 40 baht a day for car.
  • Wi-Fi is provided at Vanussanun Shop at the ground floor. 

Bus Station, Bus Station Chiang Mai

Let’s go back to the old station – Chiang Mai Arcade Bus Station. This terminal offers tickets from Chiang Mai – Bangkok and Bangkok to Chiang Mai, run by Transport Co.,Ltd.  as well as Northeastern route, run by various agencies such as Intara Tour, Jakkapong Tour, Nakornchai Air, and more. This station is where the vans and buses to Pai are located, leaving from early morning to the evening, priced 150 baht for van and 78 baht for bus.

Bus Station, Bus Station Chiang Mai

Have you ever seen Chiang Mai Bus?

Arcade Bus Station is also the main terminal of Chiang Mai Bus, an old and rarely seen bus in Chiang Mai, operating from 6 – 10 a.m. and 3 – 7 p.m. and cost 15 baht per person.

Bus Station, Bus Station Chiang Mai

Arcade Bus Terminal Hall

Bus Station, Bus Station Chiang Mai

In the back of the station where Chiang Mai – Pai’s vans park

Chiang Mai Bus Terminal is located near the city and tourist attractions. Don’t worry if you come too early. Leave your luggages at the luggage room and relax at Star Avenue, located next to the station or Central Festival, a huge department store of Thailand in order to wait for the travel time.

If you have any question or need timetable, call Chiang Mai Bus Terminal Office at 1594.

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