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Information about each districts in Chiang Mai

Celebrate Green Season in Muang Pan

Pic. by Dusadeephun Phajee

Green Season in Muang Pan Secluded in high mountainous terrain, the small district of Muang Pan humbly sits among misty valleys just north of Lampang. The lush forests of Chae Son National Park reside in this district, as does the ...

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Chinese Tourism Booms

Sundown at Sunday Market

I was walking to the shop last week for my regular goodies, when something appalling happened to my foot. One minute, my sandaled foot was doing what it does every day, when a giant lougie of snot, phlegm, and/or sputum ...

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Inside the Inthakhin Festival

Photo by Pui@chiangmaiholiday.biz Link Added

While Chiang Mai is the sleepier, second largest Thai city (ways behind Bangkok), there are never shortages of tantalizing events and happenings, and sometimes they are even only relevant to Chiang Mai-sters. If you are in the city from 1-8 ...

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Bees Knees


Now I don’t truly hate insects, they just sorta bug me. Ba-dum ching! Okay, I’ll try to keep the insect puns to a minimum in this article, but all joking aside I’m of the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ ...

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Much Ado About Poo?

Cover Poo

Some well-versed in the etiquette of polite conversation would encourage us to believe there are some topics far too personal, political, or just down right nasty to remain open to public discussion. Most manner minded individuals would have you believe ...

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Summer blossoms in Chiang Mai


During Songkran festival (which is Thai long holiday), I could say that almost half of my friends went to Japan. Why Japan? Thai people get used to with Japan and its culture for centuries and we really love Japanese food. ...

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Baan Tawai Village


  Away from Chiang Mai city about 15 kilometres, on Chiang Mai – Hangdong, Baan Tawai is famous for antique imitation and woodcarving. The attractions can be a sightseeing tour or shopping tour as many handmade items are sold here ...

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