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Sports and Health

Be healthy and active in Chiang Mai

Janrawee House Detox and Spa

Janrawee House

Janrawee House specialise in Detoxifying treatments, which involve Colonic Detoxification and Detoxifying Massage. Colonic Detoxification is a safe and painless procedure which involves various types of liquid being inserted into the rectum in order to cleanse the colon. Such liquids ...

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The Best Thai Massage

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This Thai massage spa have inherited to worth and maintain the heal your exhaustion for over 14 year with great service and warm greeting in Lanna atmosphere. Avoiding from stiffness, The Best Thai Massage is one of the best choice ...

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Sabun Nga Spa at Ayatana Hamlet Resort


Sabun Nga comes from the northern Lanna name for the Kradung-nga tree. This name is synonymous with Kradung-nga, the bell or gong which is a familiar feature in traditional Thai temples temples or home. According to Lanna folk wisdom, the ...

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Chiang Mai Municipality Stadium

700 year Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Municipality Stadium is good place for exercise in Chiang Mai. Available free of charge beginning at 6:00 am to 7:00 pm every day, you can play a variety of sports such as basketball, boxing, tennis, swimming, takraw, soccer ...

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