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Chiang Mai Living Guide

  • Jing Jai Market Chiang Mai

    Jing Jai Market Chiang Mai

    JJ Market arranges social activities to create social awareness to people to look back and take care the local and sustainably develop to the future.

An Annual Smog has Come 


Let’s See Another Argument Why Some People Fires    With summertime comes the low pressure, especially during March and April. In the past five years, the greenhouse effect and the annual smoke screen that results from “burning season” have become ...

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Cough, Sniffle, and Wheeze


Cough, Sniffle, and Wheeze You may have noticed smoky, polluted air in Chiang Mai these days. Local farmers are burning their fields; which is part of the annual cycle here. That pollution is combined with traffic exhaust and industrial smoke, ...

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Business on street

Does anybody want a doll? :)

Thailand is a land of street vendor. Everywhere you go in this city, you will notice a lot of mobile shops, either a trailer motorcycle or a push cart. Why there are so many of them? The concept of vendor ...

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Toilet in Thailand: what, where and how

photo courtesy of www.nokhookdesign.net

The first sentence one should learn when travelling to other countries is not ‘hello’ or ‘nice to meet you’ but ‘where is the toilet?’. I knew that toilet is different in each countries and it is possible that someone might ...

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