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Chiang Mai Living Guide

  • Jing Jai Market Chiang Mai

    Jing Jai Market Chiang Mai

    JJ Market arranges social activities to create social awareness to people to look back and take care the local and sustainably develop to the future.

Happiness Depends on a Superb Breakfast


Knowing that breakfast is (supposedly) the most important meal of the day, how many times have you left the house without something yummy—hell, anything!—on the way to work? Breakfast is the easiest meal to miss for equally important things: the ...

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Love Lifts Us Where We Belong


“Love is a-many, splendid thing, love lifts us where we belong—All you need is Love” (Moulin Rouge) comes immediately to mind when I think of what love entails. But before it is really, really love it’s more than just that ...

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Is your body suffering from ‘PAIN’?


Do you sit at a laptop or desktop computer every day for work? Are you all too familiar with the back pain that often accompanies this work sitting/setting? Of course, you are! It’s called “Office Syndrome”! So what do you ...

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Mall it Over


When you grow up in a small town, certain coming-of-age rituals elude you, like cruising the mall with your gal pals, checking out cuties at the foodcourt, or pining for overpriced name brand fashions. Surely, tiny towns have their inherent ...

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The Price of Convenience

The Price of Convenience

This story is old news. I remember when it happened in California, when Starbucks began taking over the world. Although the ‘bucks began in the 70’s it wasn’t until the early 2000’s that they began popping up all over the ...

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Over the Limit, not Above the Law


Of all the stupid things that come with our choice of drinking—from dancing on tables with our exes to fights with strangers or loved ones—the one thing that needs to end is the driving part that we often leave to ...

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Feast for the Flock


Herbivore babes rejoice! Are you a discerning diner seeking a meat-free menu? Then feast your eyes on the delicious line up at Birds Nest Café and delight in delectable vegetarian versions of all your favorite classic Thai dishes. Nestled on ...

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