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  • Jing Jai Market Chiang Mai

    Jing Jai Market Chiang Mai

    JJ Market arranges social activities to create social awareness to people to look back and take care the local and sustainably develop to the future.

San Kamphaeng Walking Street


Many famous walking street are well-known location of tourists, but here is another walking street in Chiang Mai which many tourists might not know about yet. San Kamphaeng walking street is another walking street in Chiang Mai for those who ...

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New Year’s Resolutions 2018


Gearing up for the Festive Season, we wondered what our community here in Chiang Mai is looking forward to in 2018. Grace van Kirk is an American study abroad student who has been studying at CMU for the past semester ...

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Fin Market at Maya Mall


The Fin Market, set up outside the Maya Mall from the tenth to the sixteenth of September, boasted a smattering of small and unique local vendors from all over Chiang Mai. The booths were primarily revolved around delicious and exotic ...

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Heritage: Our Pasts, Our Legacies


Though the term “world heritage” towns and UNESCO sites are part of our everyday travel lexicon and many desperately want their home towns to be stamped with the approval, do most people know exactly what this means? I think most ...

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Chinese Tourism Booms

Sundown at Sunday Market

I was walking to the shop last week for my regular goodies, when something appalling happened to my foot. One minute, my sandaled foot was doing what it does every day, when a giant lougie of snot, phlegm, and/or sputum ...

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A Coffee Lover’s Guide to Sip-On

A Coffee Lover's Guide to Sip-On

I am by no means a snob—but I know immediately by saying that I’m not a snob in many circles automatically makes me one. I wouldn’t even consider myself a connoisseur, because that isn’t the right word for it either. ...

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MAIIAM Museum of Contemporary Art Chiang Mai


MAIIAM Museum opened with the first-ever retrospective show, ” The Serenity of Madness”, by celebrated artist Apichatpong Weerasethakul, a Chiang Mai resident. The multi-media exhibition will include a program of special screening, activities, and talks throughout the course of the ...

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Bars Above the Rest


What began as a follow up to my dedication to Thai drinks that was to be a taste for taste of beers to be drunk in the Land of Smiles, has changed during my “research phase”—and like they say, if ...

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Dinning Around the Globe

Our last dining around the clock brings us to dinner. The end of the day, when families and friends can gather round the table, break bread with one another, and relax with delicious food. It’s around this table that we ...

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