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Buak Hard Public Park (สวนสาธารณะหนองบวกหาด)


Buak Haad Park

Located in the southwestern corner of the old city is one of the few public parks that you will find in Chiang Mai. Encircled by a relatively commercialized district, the lush greenery towering up and over the park’s gates is noticeable from a distance away.

Buak Haad Park Buak Haad Park

Once inside one of the few entryways into this park, you’ll notice a quiet serenity that contrasts starkly with the bustling city around it. Children play on the playground, hordes of pigeons flock the picnickers, and it is definitely one of the most peaceful places in the old city. The park hosts magnificent rainbow eucalyptus, two large ponds partially covered with balconied seating, a few restaurants and snack shops, an open air massage parlor, and a huge concrete space that appeared to have an endless variety of purposes.

Buak Haad Park Buak Haad Park

Locals and foreigners alike enjoy this free public spot, lay out blankets for an afternoon snack and utilize the jogging trail that follows the outline of the park. Stations with exercise equipment are set up along the pathway, many of which are still in good condition, although they appeared seemingly well used. A beautiful clock tower had been erected in memory of His Majesty the King Rama IX, along with a massive statue on a pavilion of a multi-faced figure. Although there always an array of activities going on, the majority of park goers like to find their spots in a large shaded lawns along the ponds and enjoy their easy afternoon.

Written by: Grace Van Kirk

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