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Blue Diamond Breakfast Club – The Lovely Vegan-Friendly Brunch Spot

blue diamond breakfast club

In the far northeast corner of the old city you can find the vegan-friendly Blue Diamond Breakfast Club nestled in among vined walls on Ratchapakhinai Road. It’s open from 7am-9pm Monday through Saturday. This place is the amazing brunch spot, with outdoor seating in a shady garden, immense greenery, and a rippling rock water feature.

blue diamond breakfast club

The food is on the cheaper side when it comes to a nice sit down restaurant in the old city; you can get a large plate for less than 4 USD. It offers one of the most extensive menus in Chiang Mai, likely over 30 pages long. Western food is featured on the breakfast pages, with both sweet and savory vegan and meat options. Thai and Western dishes are offered for lunch and dinner, not to mention fresh pressed juices, smoothies, and a large selection of herbal teas and coffees.  

blue diamond breakfast club blue diamond breakfast club

The menu food is surprisingly tasty, but the baked goods inside are really worth returning for. Vegan, homemade desserts are stacked inside the cafe/shop portion of the restaurant, many sitting out in trays just out of the oven. Even if you’re not a lover of sweets, the coconut topped cinnamon rolls at Blue Diamond will blow you away. They also have a huge selection of fruit in the entryway, locally produced snacks, and herbal remedies.

Blue Diamond is definitely a nice spot to spend the afternoon working or just hanging out in the garden.  Don’t miss out on this place!

Written by: Grace Van Kirk

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