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How To Survive a Hot Sunny Day.


I am a guy who really don’t like the Sun when it is too bright. I feel like I’m going to be some kind of dried fruit if I don’t do something to survive such heat. So these five methods are my instructions about How to survive in a Hot Sunny Day.

1. Spend your day in a cafe or Co-Working space.



There are plenty of cafes in Chiang Mai that you can order some good quality drinks and sit there all day long. Some Co-working space also have food services. Most of the cafe have a very good environment. So you can hide from the heat of the Sun all day long without getting hungry and thirsty.

2. Go to the shopping mall.


The shopping mall is like the public park with free air conditioner to me. You can find something to eat, watch some movies, play games, shopping, walk around or just sit down and chill without feeling any sunburn. If you don’t know where to go, the shopping mall is the easiest choice!

3. Sleep at noon, awake at night.


If you don’t want to deal with the Sun, why don’t just wait until it’s gone. Sleeping is another choice of waiting, because the time will flow continuously and you still feel nothing. You don’t want to feel the Sun, so just sleep until the Sun goes down and then rise up to live your life. Indeed a wise choice!

4.Ice Skating


There’s no heat when there’s an ice. If you are a sport person, but you don’t like the heat, ice skating is a perfect match for you. At Chiang Mai you can go to Sub-Zero Ice Skate Club for play ice skating. You can spend your time playing as a round about 1.5 hour. You can feel the thrill and excitement (if you are a beginner). It’s really fun, but you need to be careful. You don’t want to lay your body down on a freezing cold ice for sure.

5.Standing in a waterfall



You love the Sun, but you don’t like the heat, and you are a natural lover. So go to the waterfall!

I went to Mae Sa Waterfall and it’s a good place to cool yourself down. When you arrive at the waterfall, you can swim as much as you want. And if you stand in the middle of the waterfall, the heat from the Sun cannot stop you from being outdoor and the water can take out the heat in instant!

These are my method, but you might interested something more.

If you like my methods, you can apply them with your own life style. But in case that you interested to find more way to cool your hot day down. You can browse Tripzii.co to find some cool activities to enjoy in such hot day.


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